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Dishes for your doshas


Cooking Classes

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Meal Delivery

Dinner Parties 

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Healthy Eating

Ayurvedic Health Consulting

Receive a full Ayurvedic constitution assessment and begin learning to heal diseases through diet and lifestyle.

See “How It Works” below.

Ayurvedic Dinner Party

Private Cooking Class Series

Empower yourself in your kitchen! Learn how to confidently choose ingredients, find fun and purpose in cooking, and prepare dishes for your doshas.

Rates vary. See “How It Works” below.


How It Works

Ayurvedic Health Consulting

Ayurveda is all about tuning into your body to give it what it needs. Your presence and awareness are the greatest gifts you can give to your health, and I’m here to help you focus on what truly helps you thrive. Together, we develop an individualized plan to incorporate dosha-appropriate foods as well as disease-remedying practices to get you feeling your best.

Private Cooking Class Series

Learn how to combine art and science to create health.

This is a five-session series best conducted on a weekly basis. Before the series begins, we’ll have an Ayurvedic Nutrition Assessment where you'll tell me about your health challenges and goals, and we’ll work together to curate an individualized food + cooking plan. Each week I’ll come to your home to put your plan in action by teaching you new Ayurvedic food combining concepts and techniques. As you sharpen your skills, you’ll get in touch with your intuition and find your flow. Before you know it, you’ll confidently prepare drool-worthy dishes for your doshas without a recipe!

No prior cooking experience needed. May be modified according to skill level.