Rarely do we think about our relationship with food. Why do we eat? Do I enjoy what I'm eating? How does eating make me feel? Our relationship with food is more important than we realize. The food we eat becomes energy as well as the building blocks for our bodies. Our bodies do the best they can with what they've got, and they'll act out in subtle ways when they're unhappy. Many diseases start with improper diets, and ignoring or being unaware of the subtle signs eventually leads to greater issues like diabetes and heart disease. It may shock you to know that "healthy foods" aren't healthy for everyone. We are what we eat, but Ayurveda takes it one step further: we are also what we digest and assimilate. My work as both a cooking teacher and personal chef helps you infuse awareness into what you eat, how you eat it, and the health and vibrance that can follow.

My Philosophy

Food has the potential to be incredibly healing or incredibly destructive. Food is the substance from which our bodies are built. It's a common misconception that healthy food isn't tasty food. It is of my Ayurvedic opinion that healing food should please both the senses and the gut for a satisfying and holistic experience. When properly prepared and eaten, food has the power to prevent - and in many cases, reverse - disease. My mantra before cooking each healing meal is "Make Medicine, Not Food".

what can the ayurvedic chef do for you?

I offer meals that are customized to target your specific health conditions related to digestion. They are doshically appropriate meals for your overall wellbeing. Don't know your doshas? Take a quick quiz here before your initial assessment with me.

I offer medicinal food with sensory pleasure. Good food should be seasonal, tasty, and inspiring. My services are for the hard-working women in this world who want to eat better and feel better, but don't know where to start or don't have the time. My services prioritize your health and your time so you can go out there and do your best.


Meals are delivered weekly. Pricing is based on quantity of meals per delivery. FYI: a "five meal" package can feed two for up to three meals.

$75/three meals.

$125/five meals.

$250/Ayurvedic Dinner Party for up to eight guests.

$200/private 2-hour cooking class for up to three people.

how it works

Initial Assessment: in this free 30-minute session, you'll tell me about your current health as well as your health goals. Before the assessment, I'll provide a questionnaire for you to fill out. During the initial assessment, we'll also go over anything important you mentioned on the questionnaire.

Deliveries: every Monday in the same place. Food is delivered fully cooked, cold, and ready to heat and eat.

Jar Deposit: I charge a $1.50 jar deposit for every jar needed to hold your food. You get $1.50 off per each meal with every returned jar. You may skirt the deposit fee by providing your own containers.

Ayurvedic Dinner Party: a three-course meal for you and your guests in your home or in a third party dining + kitchen setting. This is a fun and great opportunity to get a taste of my medicine and services among friends.

Private Cooking Class: empower yourself in your kitchen! I will come to your home to help you get acquainted with your kitchen and sharpen your skills. You'll learn how to confidently choose ingredients, find fun in cooking, and prepare three doshically appropriate dishes.

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