Wellness Wednesday: Physical Care After a Car Accident

A month ago I got myself into a car accident. I was fortunate to have been able to walk out of it relatively unscathed. Save for a shiner and some bruises, a strained back and a small tear on my retina that was laser repaired, it feels like a miracle that I’m able to be writing this right now. I’ve never had to self-treat these conditions before but with the help of a few knowledgeable friends and practitioners, I immediately started a daily naturopathic regimen that helped me heal quickly and painlessly. I thought I’d share the types of medicine I took for healing my physical body. For healing my emotional body; well, that deserves its own blog post which I’ll publish soon.

The first night, I iced my face to calm localized swelling. I also took an epsom salt bath to help my back. I also took tylenol (the only non-natural thing I took) as I normally would in the event of any sort of head/brain impact. I also made a tea with: kava, licorice, ginger, st. john’s wort to get me through the first night of muscle tension and emotional shock.

  • After I felt sure that I didn’t have any major head injuries, I took a homemade analgesic tincture made with: willow bark, valerian root, crampbark, and ginger root 3x/day until all my pain went away - which actually took a couple weeks.

  • For the bruises, I took 3x arnica 30c pellets every hour. I also applied arnica cream topically. I did this for two weeks, until my bruises went away.

  • For the fresh cuts, I applied colloidal silver first aid gel.

  • For the scabs, I applied a homemade skin healing salve made of coconut oil infused with: yarrow flowers, comfrey leaf, marshmallow root, and licorice root.

  • My body was under stress, so as a safety precaution I added homemade immune boost tincture to my daily lemon water.

  • I started seeing an awesome chiropractor. It turns out that the accident didn’t give me any new problems - it only exacerbated an existing problem that I needed to address anyway. I’d like to emphasize here the importance of seeing a chiropractor as soon as you can after you are involved in any type of body-jarring accident or fall.

  • I stuck to consistent lunches or dinners of: ghee pan-fried wild salmon with steamed and pan-finished kale. Considering that I needed to heal my eye, a diet with fish fats seemed like the best thing to incorporate; of course, paired with plenty of well-spiced fiber to ensure optimal digestion. I didn’t eat much else besides this, to help keep my body in a predictable rhythm.

  • I drank either green juice (apples, kale, parsley, celery, lime) or eye health juice (carrots, golden beets, apple, ginger, lemon) to give my system fresh enzymes to optimize bodily processes.

  • A week after the accident, the symptoms in my face actually worsened - while only my impacted eye was sensitive to light, both eyes became sensitive to light. I figured I just needed to sleep it off, so I did. Sleep was a great medicine.

  • Most importantly, I called upon a few amazing friends and family for help and support through this scary time.

My self-care game was already pretty strong, but it quickly became stronger after the accident. I was forced to put my lifestyle and work habits under very close scrutiny. While I thought I had a pretty good self-care regimen already, I learned that there was opportunity for greater alignment. The silver lining in this experience is not hard to find, and I’m just grateful to be alive and able to share my experiences!