Wellness Wednesday: Committing to Your Self

I know, I spelled "yourself" wrong - but wrong is relative, so get over it.

So you are trying to make positive changes in your health. You're working with people (or the internet, or this blog...) who are giving you tools to do that. But for some reason you just can't do that extra 5 minutes each morning to do your neti pot. Or you just can't chew your food thoroughly instead of inhaling each bite. I know what I have to do but I just don't do it! you say. What's up with that?

In Ayurveda, this is called "intellectual error" - doing things against our intellect. The issue beneath intellectual error is our commitment to the Self. I'm differentiating between self and Self not by the seemingly unnecessarily capitalized "S", but by the fact that we're comprised of both a surface-level, ego-driven self, and an intrinsic, infinite Self. The latter is the knower of all healing knowledge. This Self speaks quietly of temperance while the self shouts loudly - to drink that fourth coffee, to not brush teeth, to binge on social media at 1AM. When we don't do what we knows will impart positive health benefits, it is because we're living within the self, and not in alignment with the Self.

Deciding to start making positive changes in our lives depends on the differentiation between which self we're serving, or aligning with. Taking a firm commitment to our highest Self is the first thing we should do when we decide to make positive changes in our lives. We get direction. We gain focus. We draw boundaries - with others and with ourselves. It may be hard at first, but it gets easier with time. Trust me, it's like alchemy.

When we lack commitment to our Selves, we lack true commitment with others and with our duties, which makes it hard to get anywhere worthwhile in life. So do yourself a favor, and commit to your Self, alright?